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Port Vila Articles

Death in paradise

In the harbour of Port Vila, a husband awaits scientific explanation of his wife's agonising end. Joel Gibson reports.

Trouble in paradise

Silvia Fink took a so-called miracle cure and died a horrible and painful death within hours. Months later, her husband is still trying to find out what happened.

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The Great Outdoors Seven, 6.30pm East of Everything ABC1, 7.30pm The Squiz SBS One, 8.30pm

Flight test

Aircraft Air Vanuatu 737-800.


Fly to Port Vila

Port Vila

Port Vila is Vanuatu's capital, and it is also the biggest city of the country, which is found in the province of Shefa. According to 2007 estimates, Port Vila holds a population of approximately 40,000.

History of Port Vila

From 1887, Port Vila was administered by two peoples, the British and the French. In 1906, it was formalized as what was called the Anglo-French Condominium, and when WW2 came, Port Vila served as an air base for the Australians and Americans. A cyclone drastically ruined Port Vila in 1987.

Demographics and the language of Port Vila

In the main, the population of Port Vila is made up of Melanesian, but it has its share of Polynesian, European and Asian races. The main language of Port Vila's residents is Bislama, but French and English are widely used as well.

The climate of Port Vila

Having a tropical climate, Port Vila has a wet season and a dry one. The rainfall reaches a norm of around 2,360 millimeters annually. Southeast trade winds are present in Port Vila.

What to do in Port Vila

Bird watching in Port Vila: The birdlife in Port Vila is quite diverse. If you want to know the breeding season, it would be from September to January.

# Diving: There are tour-offering entities, particularly for veteran divers, who want to explore the offshore islands of Efate. Most popular are the Hat Island and Tukutuku.

# Improve your golfing skills at Port Villa: People who want to improve their game of golf could practice at the many golf courses found in Port Vila for hours and hours on end. A couple of establishments have nine-hole courses for both the advanced and the newbie players.

# Market adventure: Markets abound not just in Port Vila but in the whole of Vanuatu. The best time to do your market visits are Saturdays and Wednesdays.

# Fishing: In Port Vila, one could be in a good fishing zone within the hour. There are full-day tours in Port Vila, and these would cover lunch and the fishing tools. Prepare to 'hunt' for dogtooth, wahoo, yellow fin, marlin, and Queenfish, among others.

Health issues at Port Vila

It is not wise for you to get paranoid and have your system flooded with all kinds of vaccinations against obscure tropical diseases, but it would be best to get a recent tetanus shot (for coral-caused wounds). It is pragmatic to avail of medical insurance too, and this is good advice even if your destination is not Port Vila, but some other part of the globe.

More facts about Port Vila

The currency in Port Vila call it the vatu. Most shops and accommodations in Port Vila accept major credit cards. Also, ATMs could be seen in banks and supermarkets. In terms of moving about, the tourist would find it easy to get different forms of transportation in Port Vila as it has a bus system. Port Vila also has a taxi service, but like other countries/places, here is good advice- settle the fare at once.